Annie Brook

Annie Brook, Ph.D, LPC, BMC teacher, Registered Movement Educator (ISMETA), is a long time lover of contact improv and play and sees contact as "the great integrator of play, bodymind listening, and the magic of discovery in motion." Dancing Contact since 1975, Annie is also a movement performance artist, a Body-Mind Centering teacher, and a therapist highly regarded in the Somatic community. She works as a Somatic psychologist, teaches a 2 year training in Engaged Somatics, and also teaches Gyrotonics, Kaiut yoga, and Body-Mind Centering. Former owner of Studio Moves (Taos, NM), Annie wrote the book Contact Improvisation and Body-Mind Centering, to help people all over the world learn and share contact skills. She loves sharing the form, and has an exquisite sense of the body, group community play, and that movement is learning."

"Contact is the most fun play I do as a grownup and the more playmates, the better!"

Mike Detweiler

Mike Detweiler has been exploring how to efficiently use the body and mind in acrobatics and martial arts for over a decade. He has used this knowledge to inform his exploration of Contact Improvisation the past six years. Calling on techniques from gymnastics, capoeira, judo, and tai qi, he is always searching for ways to dance more efficiently and effortlessly, and to explore improvisational acrobatics. Working with themes from Buddhism, Taoism, and somatic psychology, he also enjoys exploring mindfulness and radical self expression in the dance.

Jam Hosts

Ian (IO) Oeser

IO came to practice contact dance through the martial arts, gaining a Cooperative Advantage with movement partners.